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Mom.Bod.Strong is a first-of-its-kind postnatal fitness program backed by scientific research to help your body heal, recover and strengthen from the inside out so that you can safely return to exercise post-baby.


It is the foundation, your first step towards your fitness journey as a mother. 


The program is curated to restore strength and function to your deep core stability system (focussing on Transverse Abdominal (TA) muscles and Pelvic Floor) through specialized core exercises & the game-changing connection breath technique.


Mom.Bod.Strong is created by Sucheta Pal, celebrity trainer, mom & certified pre-postnatal specialist.



For many of us women, “bouncing back” after having a baby is a common fitness goal. But we all have been a little surprised by our postpartum bodies. A weak core, the post-baby belly, a stretched pelvic floor, urinary leakage, bad posture, the extra fat, an achy body, and lack of energy are just a few of the changes that make getting back to exercise feel difficult, no matter how fit and strong we were before having a baby. And add to that all the conflicting information out there. It doesn’t help!


Yes, our bodies have changed like its supposed to. But I promise you, it is not weak. We made a universe in it! Yes, read that again. All we need is to give it the attention and grace it deserves to recover fully.

I have created this program to provide the right guidance to help you recapture your true core strength and safely return to exercise post-pregnancy. And I have aimed to do so via a unique cutting-edge approach backed by science and research. 


All I am asking you to do is meet me halfway, empower yourself with the program, be consistent with it, show your body the patience & care it deserves, and in no time you will change “bounce back” to “slay forward”

It’s time for Mom.Bod.Strong! Are you ready?

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20 core & pelvic floor specialized exercise videos 
10 effective self-care tips  
30 day DIY workout plan 
Lifetime access to videos
Free Nutrition guidelines & recipes 
Bonus videos for posture correction techniques
Guided video to self-evaluate diastasis recti 
Guided video on connection breath technique for pelvic floor 
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40 core & pelvic floor specialised exercise videos
10 advanced core exercise videos

20 effective self-care tips  
60 day DIY workout plan 
Lifetime access to videos
Free Nutrition guidelines & recipes 
Bonus videos for posture correction techniques
Guided video to self-evaluate diastasis recti 
Guided video on connection breath technique for pelvic floor 
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  • How to heal a diastasis recti and improve abdominal functionality.

  • How to heal the pelvic floor and improve issues such as stress/urinary incontinence.

  • How to strengthen the deep core abdominal muscles which will may help alleviate any back problems or body aches you may have suffered.

  • How to improve your posture which will have been affected during pregnancy.

  • Also Nutrition guidelines during the
    postpartum period.

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Sucheta Pal is an engineer turned Ambassador & Education Specialist for Zumba®️ in India and also the recipient of the President's Award - "First Lady" for her work for Women Wellness in India. As a women influencer and new mom, she is passionate about empowering women through fitness post-pregnancy and is the Founder of the postnatal program Mom.Bod.Strong.

Sucheta has taught across 17 countries worldwide since 2010 and has trained over 7000+ trainers to date. She has also been a celebrity fitness coach for Gauri Khan, Bipasha Basu, Yami Gautam and a featured fitness expert on TV networks Zoom, NDTV Good Times, Channel V, and TLC

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It’s been 4 weeks since I started my post natal exercise routine with Sucheta. She not only makes every workout effective and challenging, but also makes them fun, with her beautiful smile and enthusiasm. Sucheta frequently changes and recreates my exercise routine so I never get bored too. I feel great during our sessions and my days start out right after my workouts given by her. When I started with her I was hardly motivated, with a bulged belly she motivated me and on a regular basis of exercise today after 4 weeks I am surprised to see a big change in my breathing, my core is strengthened and nothing is taking me back to the old me.


Also, Not only is Sucheta a proficient, experienced and qualified trainer, she truly cares about her clients’ wellbeing, and is always a steady and supportive presence. I highly recommend

- Alisha Sabrawal