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Mom.Bod.Strong is India's first of its kind post-baby fitness guide to help women "return to exercise" the right and safe way. It’s a comprehensive 6 week guide with science backed education about the postpartum body and research-based core & pelvic floor exercises created by celebrity coach Sucheta Pal

As a first-time mom herself and now also a certified pre-postnatal specialist, she is passionate about empowering women to move better, feel better and look better in motherhood the right way. And now Mom.Bod.Strong is also recommended by the doctors.


What doctors have to say:

Sucheta Pal and her team have developed a post-natal fitness program that is achievable, evidence-based, safe, and effective. Mom Bod Strong is an important and valuable resource for all mothers seeking to heal and recover from post-child birth the right way. I am pleased to support this program, which is helping and educating women about their postpartum body and empowering them to return to exercise the right way and the safe way.

Dr. Nayana Patel, obstetrician, gynecologist and infertility specialist

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What doctors have to say:

Postnatal fitness is what every mother wants, but only some end up achieving which helps the new moms get back in shape while taking care of the post-pregnancy changes in their bodies. The program is backed by scientific evidence and is achievable and evidence-based. I am happy to support Sucheta in this one of its kind program which is helping many women achieve healthily

Dr. Krishnaveni Nayini MBBS, Senior Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecologist

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Mom.Bod.Strong is a science-based result-oriented 6-week online guide with specialised core and pelvic floor exercises to help new moms gently and safely heal the post-baby body.

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Has personal fitness always been important to you but confused about how to restart your fitness journey post-baby? 


Does your belly still look pregnant even 3 months or 3 years after childbirth? 

Are you experiencing Diastasis Recti/ Ab separation? 
Are you leaking a little down there post-baby when you sneeze or laugh or perform a jumping jack (urinary incontinence)? 
Is there constant back pain or shoulder pain? 
Are you struggling with body image and lack confidence in your inner core strength? 
Are you confused what are the wrong and right exercises postpartum?
If you answered YES, to any or all of the above 
Then this science-based result oriented 6 weeks online guide is right for you

This is what some of our Mom.Bod.Strong mommas have to say about the guide

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What women have to say:

If there's one thing you must do as a new mother, it's sign up for Sucheta's Mom.Bod Strong.Program. The program helped me understand the right stance, and the videos helped me stay regular with my practice. Over the weeks, I could see a strong improvement in my body. My baby got heavier but my back and neck ached a lot less, even during the dreaded four month progression where I had to lift her and walk for every nap! If you've just had a baby and are looking for a way to get back to your workout regime, sign up for this one. You won't regret it. 

Divya A | An author, a corporate junkie with a masters from UC Berkeley, California and new mom

What women have to say:

When I joined Mom.Bod.Strong I was 10 weeks  postpartum, I was having swelling in my legs, severe back pain while sleeping and I was very low in confidence by my body changes and lack of  strength. The breathing technique really worked as wonder, boosted my confidence by giving me peace of mind as new mom, my sleep pattern improved and my swelling was all gone within first 15 days of the program , also being at week 15 I could xercise for more than half an hour and also was able to take 10 k steps daily. 

I would recommend all my friends to join this program asap post delivery

Krutika Koshi | Working for an MNC firm, home cook and loves dance, painting and spending time with her baby 10 weeks old 

Krutika Koshi.jpeg

What women have to say:

It takes 9 months in womb to grow a child. It's a long process and the least we can do is give our miraculous bodies time to heal. The program exactly sticks to this ideology. Sucheta's first words to me were- we will heal your body from inside out. We will get your body ready to be trained. These words were consoling as I was not looking for a quick fix but a long term solve and her mom.bod.strong program does exactly that. She wants to train our bodies to get ready for the daily grind. Else which program starts with breath training and who makes you realise, that despite years of yoga/pranayama your breath is shallow and how to activate your inner powerhouse /your core just by proper deep breaths and aid your daily chores. I truly felt rejuvenated by those deep breathing trials.  You will realise the level of detailing in this course, the moment you sign up and get the postpartum questionnaire- it will make you revisit your pregnancy and postpartum journey and rethink your daily habits unlike you have done before. It's the best gift I have given myself and I thank Sucheta for bringing this program and her expertise to us.

Divya Bajaj | Media Analyst and a first time mom to a 1-year old, Mumbai 

What women have to say:

Sucheta's Mom.Bod.Strong program has helped me so much in my pelvic core rehabilitation post-child birth! It's like that secret weapon in my arsenal that has helped me return to the gym and to all functional workouts with ease! I really felt the difference when I started weight training and used the tips and the hacks from Mbs! Topping that Sucheta is someone who is extremely helpful, and warm and  I really enjoyed interacting with her too!

I hope more awareness is created around postnatal rehabilitation for new moms, and Sucheta is doing a great job for the same!

Aabha Hanjura | Kashmiri Pop Singer

Aabha Hanjura_edited.jpg

Sucheta Shares

As an internationally certified pre-postnatal coach, a women's wellness advocate for over a decade (together with being a Zumba® ambassador) and a mom myself I have created this science-based 6-week guide to help moms just like you to learn the correct core rehab exercises after pregnancy and know to avoid the wrong ones. All those sit-ups, crunches, and planks in early postpartum do more harm than good. Not that you will never be able to do them agian, but let's get our body ready for it first. Infact this online guide teaches you to perform the right exercises to see real change.

We got featured

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What is included in the Mom.Bod.Strong fitness guide?

Private video demonstration

Lifetime access to specialised core and pelvic floor exercises. Yes, you heard it right!

✅You will get access to detailed videos with instructions and demonstrations of every single exercise used in the 6-week workout plan.


✅It's like receiving private sessions from me to learn to perform the

right exercises the right way


✅ Once a week you will have an evaluation day where you can choose to record yourself and send me via WhatsApp for private feedback on your progress

Bonus Posture correction videos 

We also start to apply our learnings to real life and start working on the right posture techniques which play a huge role in strengthening from the inside. Posture correction detailed demo videos too will be provided.


✅ How to sit correctly

✅ How to stand correctly

✅ How to do household chores with proper posture

✅How to get in and out of bed correctly

✅ How to carry your body with the right posture

General Nutrition guidelines by consultant Nutritionist


To help you heal in early postpartum we collaborated with a nutritionist to come up with:

✅ General Postpartum nutrition guidelines for energy and healing 

✅ Sample one day diet plan 

✅ 3 energy-boosting quick snack recipes 

As every body and fitness goal is different we cannot provide a customized plan. Please feel free to consult a nutritionist of your choice for your specific goals

Education materials

Knowledge is power. Not only does this guide is a workout plan but it's a learning guide to help you understand your postpartum body and take control of your healing. 

You will receive detailed education material on:

✅ What is Diastasis Recti?
Detailed video demo on How to Check Diastasis Recti/ ab separation  

✅What is a Pelvic floor?

✅ Detailed understanding of the Connection Breath technique with video demos 

✅ Understanding the science of fat loss

Self-care tips

Each week will have rest days in between with carefully thought out self-care tips on those days to help you with some self-love 

As a mom myself I do know how important it is to take even 15 mins for yourself or get a head champi from a dear one 

Trust me! Every small me-time helps ❤️


Actual value of the Mom.Bod.Strong Online Guide

✅The Mom.Bod.Strong 6 week all-inclusive fitness plan (worth INR 15,000)


✅Exercise videos of specialised core and pelvic floor exercises (worth INR 25,000)

✅Effective self-care tips to support your postpartum mental health (worth  INR 5,000)

✅Free nutrition guidelines and recipes for new moms (worth INR 5,000)

✅Bonus videos of posture correction techniques for relieving aches and pains after childbirth (worth INR 10,000)


✅Educational material and guided video to self-evaluate Diastasis Recti, pelvic floor, connection breath technique (worth INR 15,000)

✅WhatsApp feedback support from Sucheta Pal & Team (priceless ❤️)

The entire guide is valued at: 

INR 74,999/- 


Is priced at INR 9,999/-

Grab the limited time offer at 4,999/-

Get access to the 6-week guide NOW!

Payment link

What women have to say:

Mom.Bod.Strong is something which I do recommend to moms of all ages to have a clear understanding of their postpartum body changes and learn how to rehabilitate and strengthen their deep abdominal muscles and pelvic floor (after childbirth) to progressively ease back into their favorite fitness Regime. MomBod Strong is a wonderful online postnatal rehab program in the country created by celebrity fitness trainer and postpartum health coach Sucheta Pal!

Sucheta Pal has made it easy, accessible, and affordable for new 

moms or those with become a #fitmom

Erum Saeed | Founder - Moms Of India

What women have to say:

I needed the right direction to re-start my fitness journey.

With the help of the program, I was able to understand the changes happening to the body and how to overcome those changes and focus on strengthening the body to prepare for high intensity workouts. The most helpful parts of the program were the right breathing technique to engage core and focusing on doing right and controlled movements. I gained more strength and confidence to start working out. Also, raised more awareness towards my body. As a side result, I also lost some weight which is difficult for me as I am still nursing my baby. It is a foundation course for your body to recover and gain strength postpartum. Very knowledgeable program to understand basics of changes happened during pregnancy and delivery. A must for all new moms.

Jaya Sharma | Software Engineer, dancer at heart & a mom to a 9 month old baby girl

Jaya Sharma.jpeg

What women have to say:

My body was extremely stiff and zero in energy levelsI as a new mpm. 

Now I can complete an entire session of 40 min workout instead of 10 min before the program. The connectivity and constant guidance with Sucheta Pal was most helpful. Always felt motivated to exercise because of that.

I also had a peculiar pain around hip region when lying straight on back. The pain has disappeared and the tummy bulge has gone down too relatively. It's a no brainer!!! Mom.Bod.Strong program is the way to go about after delivery. It is very well designed, all the workouts all the techniques are very elaborate and effective. And last but not the least the creator of this program the zumba queen also would like to call her as "mombodstrong angel" is really helping out women out there to gain their confidence back.

Shweta Urian | Pharmacist, dance enthusiast and C sec momma to a 9.5 month old girl

What women have to say:

After childbirth I was getting tired easily and even facing urinary incontinence.

Within months of the Mom.Bod.Strong program I was adding connection breath technique in exercise, I could feel now that my core was getting stronger day by day. Now I could carry my 9 kg baby easily. And saw significant improvement in urinary leakage. Now I am feeling energetic and strong. Even getting complements that...I am not like other moms who are so low in energy after delivery.

Avani Patel | Engineer, travel lover and mom to a 9 month old


Sucheta Pal: Founder, Mom.Bod.Strong, Postpartum Health Educator, Zumba® Presenter


Sucheta Pal a celebrity coach known for making Zumba® a household name in India and for breaking fitness myths in both pregnancy and postpartum.

Now after a global career in dance & fitness for 15 years and across 15+ countries, Sucheta Pal who is also a mom and a certified pre-postnatal specialist, today is passionate about helping women stay fit in all stages of motherhood. She is the creator of India's first-of-its-kind science backed Fitness program called Mom.Bod.Strong. One of the few postpartum fitness programs in the country which is recommended by doctors.

In addition, she is a motivational speaker and women wellness influencer felicitated with the prestigious ‘First Lady’ title for her outstanding contribution in women wellness by the Honl' President of India at Rashtrapati Bhavan in 2018.

To read more about Sucheta Pal, click here!

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