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5 home workout ideas #SuchetaShares

Short on time and the first thing that goes for a toss is your workout?

Stuck at home due to the lockdown and cannot go to the gym?

Here are some workout ideas that you can do from the comfort of your home.

Try some quick app workouts with women’s fitness expert's like “Kayla Itsines” or “Rachael Attard. You need little to no equipment for these workouts and you can work up a sweat from the comfort of your home. These workouts use your body weight to exercise making it great for strength training and you can choose a workout depending on what excites you and how much time you have.

Get in a quick and high intensity cardio session by using your building stairs for a workout. For an intense workout, run up and down the stairs for 2-3 minutes continuously followed by a 1 minute break. Repeat this 3 times continuously and repeat the whole set thrice with a 2 minute break between sets. To build explosive power, run by skipping 1-2 steps in between. For a less intense workout, run up the stairs and walk down them. Repeat this 5 times and again repeat the whole set thrice with a 2 minute break between sets. Also use the steps to do 20 calf raises as stretches post workout.

Revisit your childhood by skipping! Skipping is an excellent full body workout that improves balance and coordination and helps build strength and stamina. All you need is a good pair of sports shoes and a lightweight skipping rope and you are all set. Start by doing 10 sets of 20 skips per set and increase the number of skips per set as your stamina increases.

Stretch while watching TV. Rather than lying on the couch while binge watching your favourite show, get on the floor and start doing some stretches. Once you get into the zone, you may just switch off the tv and end up doing a full workout. Stretching decreases muscle stiffness, increases flexibility and improves posture. The yoga app “Down Dog” has amazing yoga and full body stretching workouts. You can choose a workout based on the type of exercises you want to do, the part of the body you want to exercise, the pace and your time constraints.

When in doubt… dance! Dancing is a fun and effective form of cardio. So put on some upbeat music and let go. Dance with your kids, partner, flatmate or by yourself. If you need some inspiration then you can play a dance video on YouTube and follow it. Eva Fitness on YouTube has a variety of fun dance workouts to choose from that include warming up and cooling down. And a Zumba® virtual class on is always there for the win!

Just pick and choose what works for you according to your interest and schedule and get moving!

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