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5 tips to help you exercise and stay healthy when you have no time or motivation.

Being too busy is the most common reason people have for not exercising. Work takes up most of the day. Add to it this pandemic era, the household chores, looking after children and maintaining a somewhat virtual social life and you are left with 0 hours in the day. And being at home all day leaves you with little motivation to move your body.

So here are some tips to help you exercise and stay healthy when you have no time or motivation.

1. Workout while watching your favourite TV /Netflix series.

Can’t give up on the latest episode of your favourite show? Then at least don’t be a couch potato! Get in a quick stretching session instead of lounging on the sofa while watching . Get off the couch, onto the floor and do some toe touches and back extensions. Or every time there is a break during a cricket match go do 10 push ups. Infact make it even more fun by turning it into a family competition.

2. Stock up on healthy snacks

When you get too busy the first thing that goes for a toss is your diet. Fatigue and hunger will have you reaching for chips and chocolates. So when you go grocery shopping, stay away from the junk food. Fruits are a great snacking option with some pure peanut butter and so are granola bars( my latest favs are from BarADay) and dry fruits. The Green Snack Co. and Healthy Snacks offer a variety of healthier veraion yet tasty snacks too.

3. Play with your children

Playing with your kids is a great way to workout without even realizing it. Teach them a sport, dance to their favourite song or play catch and cook! Running at your child’s pace is not only an exhausting workout but also doubles as quality time. And your little ones will be ecstatic to have you playing with them.

4. Walk the Talk

The next time you want to catch up with a friend over the phone or have a long work call, get down in your building for a walk or chart out a route from your room to the living room via the kitchen and back. Kill two birds with one stone by exercising as you talk on the phone. Literally walk the talk.

5. Plan your meals

Cooking healthy food isn’t necessarily time consuming. Plan your meals for the week over the weekend and accordingly buy your groceries. Once you have a menu planned out with the groceries in order, you will automatically cook the healthy dish. Research recipes for quick, healthy one bowl meals like salads or stir fried veggies and get cooking.

Incorporating some of these steps will help you to stay fit even on the days that you don't feel like getting out of bed

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