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Mom.Bod.Strong Series: How much weight should you gain during pregnancy?

As a first-time mom and a full-time coach whose life was on stage teaching Zumba® sessions every weekend of her life, suddenly carrying an extra 15 kgs came as somewhat of a shocker. I was 56 Kgs pre-pregnancy and 71.3 kg at the time of childbirth. Now, I am from the fitness industry and had done my bit of research but no one prepares you for this change no matter how prepared you think you are. It made me wonder about the women who would enter this journey after me and who may not be privy to such information. In fact, there is no dearth of contradictory information out there when it comes to pregnancy and postpartum health. This and a heap of other reasons pushed me to dive even deeper and the result is a certified pre-postnatal coach & Founder, Mom.Bod.Strong postpartum program (yes the pandemic inspired new passions)

So let me share in this new avatar today once and for all my women and I hope you find this knowledge empowering if you are choosing motherhood soon.....

How Much Weight Should You Gain During Pregnancy?

The recommended weight gain during pregnancy is 11.5 kgs-16 kgs

But the ideal weight gain is a lot dependent on an individual's pre-pregnancy weight. For an underweight pregnant female a weight gain of approx 13kgs to 18 kgs and for overweight or obese its recommended no more than approximately 7 to 11 kgs. And always consult your doctor to know your ideal weight gain when you plan your pregnancy.

If you are surprised why you gain so much weight then it's just not the baby (fetus) but remember for a baby to grow you need a:

1. Functioning Placenta

2. Amniotic Fluid

3. Extra blood & fluid

4. And extra fat and protein to nourish you and the baby

Each body and pregnancy is unique, it's time we removed judgment for gaining weight and instead focus on how we can feel as fit and healthy as possible during pregnancy and after childbirth.


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