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How to Find a Good Wellness Coach | Women's Health

Life today is much more stressful and fast paced than it was 20 years ago, thus creating more challenges that prevent us from leading our best life.

Rather than take medical help for lifestyle diseases, why not prevent these diseases by making changes to our lifestyles. We all know that we need a better diet, to get in some exercise every day and cleaner sleeping habits. But in a world of constant entertainment, junk food at our fingertips and crazy working hours, despite knowing better, we don’t actually do better!

So enter wellness coaches!

Knowing what is right and actually doing the right thing are two completely different things and wellness coaches help people do the right thing. Also, being accountable to someone for our goals makes us more likely to achieve them.

A wellness coach is someone who helps people achieve their overall health goals; improve mental & emotional health and physical health & fitness, by developing strategies, regular practices and sustainable lifestyle changes for them. A wellness coach creates plans that are tailor made for each individual.

So how do you make sure you get the right wellness coach?

They want to help you. Not everyone who loves to eat healthy and enjoys exercising can help others. But a wellness coach is passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle, knowledgeable about the same and wants to help others lead their best life.

They answer your questions. Before hiring someone ask questions like where they received their training from, about their previous experience and why they got into the field. If they are evasive about their answers, that is a red flag.

It is important to talk to your wellness coach freely about personal things as without the right information, they will not be able to do much more for you. So if you don’t feel comfortable with them and cannot open up to them easily, then they are not the right fit for you even if they may be great at their job.

They want to help you and not themselves. They are invested in getting you where you want to and need to be and not in making money off of you by selling their products and plans. They chart up a customized plan that is the right fit for you.

They listen, understand and empathize with you. They don’t preach and lecture but are able to understand your perspective and situation. They ask you questions and listen to your answers and then give you guidance based on your conversation. They motivate you and you feel positive around them.

As I study to become a Wellness Coach in year 2021 I already see a huge trend towards hiring of Wellness Coaches and I cant wait to get started

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