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Fitness during Festivities!

Fitness during Festivities!

The festive season is just beginning and we are excited to celebrate the end of a particularly difficult year and welcome the new year with renewed hope and energy. Christmas celebrations and new year parties will be accompanied by sugary drinks, high calorie desserts and unhealthy snacks and the only way to avoid this is by not stepping out. But of course we don’t want that. And eating while feeling guilty about everything we put in our mouth is neither fun nor healthy. Also, late nights mean waking up late and skipping your workout. So how do we enjoy the festive season while staying on track?

Don’t be so hard on yourself. If you take a second or third serving of that delicious chocolate cake or put a few extra fries in your mouth, enjoy it instead of feeling guilty. There is no point in eating while feeling shame. If you are eating something not so healthy you might as well savour it.

Try eating mindfully. Listen to your body and consume only as much as it needs. While your tongue may want the fifth slice of pizza, your stomach might be full with just three.

Dance it out! No party is complete without shaking your body to your favourite songs. And dance is not only fun but also a great form of exercise. So blast the music, pull your friends onto the dance floor and get moving.

Even if you wake up late, try and get in a quick, short workout before starting your day. With such beautiful weather you can even step put for a walk as late as 10 or 11 am without feeling too hot.

And most importantly, be kind to yourself. Christmas is a special time to be enjoyed with friends and family. Set realistic goals and rather than trying to lose weight, just focus on maintaining your fitness level and exercise routine.

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