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And its tough, once you take a break. No denying that specially when you want to get back into that routine and see those extra kilos on the scale and the lost muscle tone.

Can we lose that weighing scale already though! Its time weighing scales in households are replaced by body composition monitors. Weighing less or more means nothing to your health unless you measure the other main elements of body composition, weight being just one of them. One needs to measure, body fat %, skeletal muscle, body mass index, visceral fat and the list is long.

And I am sure you may have heard "set realistic goals". Hmmm, now the truth is we don't. The first few days after a break we want to get back with a vengeance. Do or die! But has it worked? Don't think so.

So start small and go slow instead. Begin with the simple variations of the exercises no matter your skill level, focus on technique and you can build up once you have the foundation solid. My go to is and find Sohee Lee on Instagram for form and technique.

Whats really worked for me and several of my clients is to stick to the same time of the day (preferably early morning) workout everyday. It works. Read the book Atomic Habits to build some habit building skills. The best 478 rupees spent on Amazon. Your brain will automatically trigger a signal (within a few days) to your body and it wont even require effort to get dressed for that quick 30 mins burn

Oh wait one more- Always prep. I have my workout gear, to yoga mat, to a clean space to my workout playlist and all devices charged and ready the night before.

The key is to get into the habit of working out consistently. And tricking your body and mind to do so.

Hope this helped!

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