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Things I learnt in 2020 that I will take into 2021!

Things I learnt in 2020 2020! A year like no other! The year that the whole world was brought down to its knees and came to a standstill. The year where the entire human race was pushed to their limits and had to learn a whole new way of living life. This was a difficult year but amidst the dark clouds there is always silver lining. Here are some important things I learnt this year that I will take with me into 2021... Make every day count Don't wait for the perfect occasion to travel the world or learn a new sport. Tomorrow isn't guaranteed to anyone. Read that book now. Visit that place on your bucket list now. Spend time with your friends now. Because who knows what tomorrow may bring and if we will even be able to do all these things tomorrow. Stop procrastinating, get up and start doing. The right time is now! The name of the game is "Fitness" This year was literally a “survival of the fittest” game, and not even all the fit ones were spared. Vitamin C, haldi doodh and daily exercise became the motto of 2020. Make taking care of yourself your top priority, not just physically but also mentally because no amount of money can buy good health. And without being in top form it is impossible to do much else. Health is definitely wealth.Period. Appreciate the little things Being confined at home for most of the year with fun forms of entertainment like travel, eating at restaurants and parties with friends being taken away from us, I learnt to appreciate the little things. Drinking my morning cup of chai on my balcony, chatting with a friend and even the memes on my Whatsapp group chats; they made me smile and brightened up my year. In fact, basic things like seeing family or walking outdoors was a luxury this year and not something I will take for granted ever again. I even realized how lucky I am to have house help and I now value that more than ever. Humans are adaptable This was a year of extraordinary change and almost everything was done in a different manner this year. 2020 made us do away with everything we thought was an essential part of our life like eating at restaurants and going to the gym. We adapted; from making mug cakes and taking zumba classes online to home schooling and nailing our Zoom meetings we found a way out to resume life in the best possible manner. Innovate and evolve With life constantly changing at such a rapid pace, it is important to change with the times. Only those who adapt survive. “Necessity is the mother of all invention” never has this statement held more truth. And with an overnight change in our lives, humans were forced to innovate. We have seen all forms of learning moving online, clothes stores and restaurants converting to grocery stores and gyms becoming virtual. Those who innovated, sustained and those he did not, failed. Most importantly, this year made me realize what matters the most! Even in a normal situation, having three meals a day and a place to call home is something to be grateful for. But this year the point was driven straight home (pun intended). And most importantly, this year I am really grateful to have been able to spend so much quality time with what matters the family.

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